This Is a Subliminal Message​.​.​.

by School of Pisces

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released April 27, 2011

Michael Reidy: vocals, guitars, bass, keyboards
Andy Korajczyk: drums
Alex Sepe: guitar on track 2, "This Is a Subliminal Message..."

all music and lyrics by Michael Reidy (ASCAP)

recorded, mixed, and mastered by Michael Reidy

assistant engineers: Bill Mueller and Derek SooHoo


all rights reserved



School of Pisces

School of Pisces is a rock band from the Boston area. Their 2014 EP "Resolve" showcases more guitar work then before, with a roots and blues rock vibe sprinkled with some Americana.

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Track Name: Hi (I Found a Miracle Today)
Music and Lyrics by Michael Reidy (ASCAP)


I found a miracle today: the autumn leaves began to change
They used to be a sea of green, but now their sure a sight to see
I'm quite impressed when trees express their individuality...

I found a miracle today: my water tasted sweet as grapes
My strength was weak my mouth was dry; I felt like I had run a mile
It's wise to take what you can get, 'cause when you're thirsty you can't whine

I look for things that make me think the world is full of miracles
And when these things attract my eye, I write them them it gets me high

I found a miracle today; the things I learned left me amazed.
I learned our minds are filled with doors for us to open and explore
Just when I think one's locked up tight, I find a loophole in the sky

Track Name: Time Capsule
Music and Lyrics by Michael Reidy (ASCAP)

I found a time machine, but it's not what you think
No, this invention doesn't use modern technology
See, it's not complex at all, you just bury a box
Or in my case, I write songs, sing them, and send them off

In my time capsule
A record from my present day... time capsule
A message from the past replayed... time capsule
And we communicate that way... time capsule

Sometimes it takes a friend to dig up what you said
And remind you that you once understood what it meant
'Cause sometimes context is the key to unlocking this box
So you can reunite with your wisdom and thoughts


And here we go through a natural worm hole
And for all we know, we'll be heading back home

Track Name: This Is a Subliminal Message...
Music and Lyrics by Michael Reidy (ASCAP)

Messages are coming through... listen up, they're intended for you
So peel your eyes, and clear your ears, and shut your mouth if you're ready to hear

But you can't learn the lesson 'cause you're looking for the message
It's not visible, it's subliminal
And I don't mean to sound so cryptic, but it's meaning that we transmit
It's not literal, it's subliminal

You might need dreams, you might need a pipe, you might need the peace that meditation provides
It's all around, it's all inside, it's in our songs, and our nursery rhymes

Track Name: Jeanine
Music and Lyrics by Michael Reidy (ASCAP)

Coincidence has found its way to me
It isn't hard to see that she was the one sending a sign that everything's alright
So I did what I had to do and dressed up in a suit
So I could look them in the eyes and tell them she's alright...

But when her friends began to say their last goodbyes
I couldn't bring myself to tell them she's alright...
She's alright

Now I don't know if they'll believe the song I have to sing
But she is insisting that I try and tell them she's alright
I'll tell you she's alright

'Cause when I passed over the place she said goodbye
She sent her song to me and I began to cry
Track Name: Psychological Clock
Music and Lyrics by Michael Reidy (ASCAP)

When you wake up in the middle of the night
And you're hoping that morning won't arrive
Don't look at the clock, everything will be fine
No don't let the time tell you if you're tired
It's all in your mind, rest your eyes

It's not easy to be mindful of relativity
But for all we know, our perception of time is all wrong

So, when you're waiting for your lover to arrive
And you're thinking that's where happiness lies
Don't look at the clock, everything will be fine
No don't let the time rush you through your life
The true source of love is inside...

Yes the true source of love... love is inside...